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Protect any internet service, host anywhere.

All DDoS attack traffic that would otherwise directly hit your
infrastructure is automatically routed to Sharktech’s globally
distributed DDoS filtering.

Remote Network DDoS Protection

Pay a flat price regardless of attack size and duration. No setup fee.

Sharktech’s Remote DDoS protection is used by businesses, hosting
providers and internet service providers worldwide. Using GRE, BGP
and Anycast technology, Sharktech can protect you internet resources,
anywhere, without the need for migration.

No Hardware Required

DDoS mitigation hardware is costly:
hundreds of thousands of dollars
in hardware and potentially millions in
network upgrades.

No Software Required

Once activated through BGP or Anycast
technology, Sharktech routes all
traffic — intelligently profiling it in real-time
to block even the latest threats.


Sharktech DDoS protection is under your
full control: always scrub traffic, only
scrub select traffic or scrub traffic only at
the time of a DDoS attack.

Better Protected with Use

When one member of the Sharktech
community is targeted by a new attack,
Sharktech automatically protects all other

On-site Staff

Support by a dedicated team of
experienced security engineers. Their
responsibilities include proactive
response and event management, adept
policy tuning, summary attack reports and
24x7 support.

DDoS Experts

Security engineers internally develop
custom rule-sets and features for dealing
with zero day events; we're able to thwart
all attacks types faster than our

Control Your DDoS Attack Scrubbing with Sharktech

Always On

Scrub all traffic, all of the time. Otherwise, scrub
select traffic, all of the time.


In the Event of an Attack

A great insurance policy: only scrub traffic when a
DDoS attack is detected.

Experts help Deploy

Sharktech's most experienced engineers
tailor the remote DDoS protection solution
to your IT and business environment.

Protection is Autonomous

DDoS attacks of all shapes and sizes are
mitigated automatically, without your


Sharktech's DDoS protection solution is
completely transparent and invisible to
legitimate users.

Let's See If We're a Good Fit?

Good Fit Bad Fit
ASN (Autonomous System Numbers) Your own ASN No ASN
IP Address Block(s) Your own IP Block(s) IPs Owned by Hosting Provider
Budget $950 per month or more Under $950

How Does Sharktech Compare?

Sharktech designs and develops advanced DDoS protection technologies entirely in-house. This means that Sharktech does not rely on any third-parties and that Sharktech’s DDoS protection is highly customizable on a customer-to-customer basis.

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