New low prices after 60% off - Dual Xeon Gold 6148 / 256GB RAM / 2 x 2TB NVME or 2 x 2TB SSD/ 10G Shared Unmetered

Promo Here!New low CVS prices close to 30% off!

New low prices after 60% off - Dual Xeon Gold 6148 / 256GB RAM / 2 x 2TB NVME or 2 x 2TB SSD/ 10G Shared Unmetered

Promo Here!New low CVS prices close to 30% off!

Welcome to Sharktech

Sharktech is a private company founded in 2003 by CEO and Badass DDoS Protection Pioneer Tim Timrawi. When asked why Sharktech has become so successful in a sea of cutthroat competition, unequivocally he answers, 'Well, We Actually Give a F*ck'. The company serves customers through its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and data center facilities in Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Our Story

Why Sharktech? We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. We also believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, and that’s why we provide a proprietary-free solution giving our customers full control over their presence. In the late nineties, Tim Timrawi witnessed the arrival of a new cyber threat: DDoS Attacks. Having worked in the hosting industry for four years, Timrawi immediately realized the potential of DDoS attacks to both hinder Internet traffic and, in time, only increase in scale and disruption. Noticing a lack in the market for DDoS protection services, Timrawi founded Sharktech, which was the first hosting firm to provide DDoS filtered IPs at a low price as well as to pioneer the low-cost DDoS mitigation industry...Badass, right?.

After a decade of helping companies level-up and concentrated development, Sharktech offers businesses a complete package of high-transfer server hosting and managed services at very affordable prices in four geo-diverse data centers, in addition to its Hyper-DDoS protection services.

Today, Sharktech employs the most advanced Hyper-DDoS protection solutions, comprising layers of in-house engineered network equipment, hardware and Badass software. Compared to competitors—who often require the detection of an attack, followed by the redirection of traffic through a scrubbing center—the Sharktech DDoS protection solution is always-on and does not require intervention.

Our Team

Our staff members have an average of a decade's worth of work experience in the hosting industry, including server administration as well as experience in supporting businesses similar to those of our customers. This diverse background gives us the opportunity to not only know our customers' needs but also to understand the worries and concerns they might have. Our motto always has been: 'Treat a customer's server as if it were our own.'

Our Future

Our proprietary filtering system, which mitigates DDoS attacks and blocks them from affecting our customers servers, gets improved upon on a daily basis. Our research and development team always has a project in the works and we communicate and collaborate with DDoS experts across the world as we strive to continually provide updates and better service to our customers.